• Adventure Plus For Dogs 4-pack (3-10 Lb)
Ingredients:Contains Two Powerful Active Ingredients- Imidacloprid And Pyriproxyfen
Controls all life stages of fleas-eggs larvae pupae and adults. A convenient once-a-month topical treatment.
Adventure plus kills fleas through contact within 12 hours of application- so unlike oral treatments.
Adventure plus is waterproof and stays effective after swimming and bathing.
It can be used on dogs and puppies 7 weeks and older who weigh three pounds or more.
Do not use on cats . Keep cats way from treated dog for 24 hours. If applied to cat or ingested by cat contact vet!(pack of 12)
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Brand Durvet - Flea And Tick D

Adventure Plus For Dogs 4-pack (3-10 Lb)

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